Salsa Sana is a multidisciplinary company specializing in foregrounding Latin rhythms and performers. Our goal is to create dance- and rhythm-led content in order to bring street dancing to the Zillennial audience.

Founded with a dedication to salsa dance and music, Salsa Sana is committed to creating a platform for all Latin dance styles, including tango, cumbia, merengue, cha cha, flamenco, rumba, samba, and more. We also have a deep appreciation for all ballroom and classic dance disciplines.

We create content, live events, and viral & televisual content based around our love of rhythmic & kinetic movement.

The Team

Salsa Sana is created by a choreographer and a producer whose bond is a shared love of expression through movement. Combined, we have 35 years international experience curating live & televised projects based around music and dance as an art form. Learn more about us here.

Download the Salsa Sana series bible here.

Descarga la series bible Salsa Sana aquí.